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Updated Dec 20, 2018



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When you need to use the 411 / Information to get a phone #, Simply dial
1 800 373 3411 Without incurring any charge.


The current Executive Council for BFHCA
From October 1 2018 to September 30, 2019

h_novianTom Stiefel: President, Social Committee Chairman

h_novian Rich Hrycyshyn: Vice Pres, DMHOA Representative, Social Committee

h_novianMike O'Brien: Secretary

ec-photos/silhouette96.png Mary Lou Rowlands: Treasurer

s_camposSuzanne Campos: Membership

m_faust Hanna McLennan: Land Lease, Social Committee

h_novian Dennis Wright: Bus Trips, Social Committee

m_faust Margaret Waldner: Welcoming Co-Chair

m_faust Carlton Walker: Finance/Budget





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