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Contact the individual board and committee members
using the email addresses below.

Email Address Book



        Board of Directors

President: Mary K Eggers

Vice President: Sam Scalzi:

Secretary: Mary Ann Couts

Treasurer: Larry L. Daugherty



William J. Kovatch: Director & Rent Justification



Carlton Walker: Director & Finance Chair

Betsy Salem: Director / Chair Social Comm. 



Editor: "FTHM": Ron Gerbino

Telephone Tree: Margret Butterworth
                             Muriel Lundy

Web Master: Richard E. Maly

Membership: Maggie Altman & Henry Novian

Camden Wyoming Sewer & Water Authority Issues:
Message is delivered to CWSWA and copied to Camden's CWSWA Board Members

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Click on the desired address to open a new email form or Copy and paste the address.

If you use web mail you must Copy and Paste the address into the Webmail Form.

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